All's fair in love and war and this is a bit of both

6 January 1989
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20 year old girl, stumbling through life, relies on the little things that make her smile to get through the day, animal lover, has far too many OTPs and fandoms to keep count of, utter film and book addict, vegeterian, potato fiend, loves the people close to her with her whole heart and soul, addiction to coffee, gets excited over the tiniest things, feels much younger than she really is
90210, a walk to remember, abby/connor, adrianna/navid, alex rider, alice cullen, alice/jasper, american dad, angel, angela/hodgins, animals, anthony horowitz, apple tango, ashley greene, avatar, blair waldorf, blake lively, bones, buffy the vampire slayer, chris wooding, chuck bass, chuck/blair, clary/jace, criminal minds, darren shan, davis bloom, demi lovato, doctor who, draco malfoy, ed westwick, edward cullen, emile hirsch, emma watson, eurovision, family guy, garth nix, gilmore girls, girls aloud, glee, gossip girl, green day, green wing, greys anatomy, guy/caroline, h&m, harry potter, high school musical, hollyoaks, horror films, into the wild, jackson our hamster, jackson rathbone, jasper hale, jensen ackles, jesse mccartney, jessica lowndes, jessica stroup, jim/pam, jimmy eat world, jonas brothers, katara/zuko, kings of leon, lost, luna lovegood, mamma mia, matthew lewis, mcfly, merlin, miley cyrus, nathan/haley, new look, norman our dog, one tree hill, percy jackson, poison, potatoes, primeval, prince zuko, river island, robert pattinson, ron weasley, ron/hermione, rupert grint, severus snape, sheldon/penny, shia labeouf, sir cadogan, sketching, skins, skulduggery pleasant, sky high, smallville, star trek, steven strait, summer heights high, superheroes, supernatural, taylor swift, the big bang theory, the class, the covenant, the doctor/rose, the inbetweeners, the mortal instruments series, the notebook, the o.c, the office, the old kingdom series, the saturdays, the simpsons, tom felton, tom sturridge, topshop, transformers, true blood, twilght, vampires, watchmen, weasley family, working out, zac efron